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“The strange family circus is KILLING it x” Shirley Manson of Garbage during their 2012 world tour.

Stephen has been weird since he was a kid growing up in Des Moines, Iowa. In his youth, he traveled extensively throughout the United States. Among many other adventures, he picked up juggling at that time. After settling in Phoenix in his early 20’s, he became “the magic guy” at Easley’s Fun Shop. When magic proved not challenging enough, Stephen dove into sideshow, learning first the art of fire-eating. Stephen went on to form the premier fire dance troupe, Culte du Feu, which  performed in high end night clubs and art galleries throughout the Phoenix area in the early 2000’s. When fire performing proved limiting, The Strange Family Circus formed from members of Culte du Feu. In 2009, he co-created "Television Noir," the local, award winning, late night comedy/music show with musician Mike Red. Stephen is currently the Creative Director of The Strange Family Circus and its parent company PAPA, LLC..


Acts Performed:

Razor swallowing and regurgitation, Animal trap escape, Tennis racquet contortion, Eye Bebe transfer, Human hammer:, Close-up magic and stage illusions, Scorpion manipulation , Snake manipulation, Chain escape, Straight jacket escape, Glass walking., Fire eating , Fire Breathing, Burlesque, Blade box (with assistant): , Electric Lady (with assistant), Headless woman (with assistant), Master of Ceremonies, Comedy, Juggling, Stilwalking

"Strange Family Circus puts on one hell of a show…” 944 Magazine

Dr. Rev. Stepen Strange

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